Thatcham, UK – 2 May 2023: Test & measurement innovator, PHABRIX, has revealed that Cobalt Digital, a designer and manufacturer of award-winning signal processing and edge devices for live video production and master control, has purchased four of its QxL rasterizers. Adding to an existing inventory of PHABRIX equipment owned by Cobalt Digital, the new QxLs will be used to support advanced IP ST 2110 product development and testing as part of the company’s newly expanded production capacity.

A founding member of the of openGear® initiative, Cobalt Digital manufactures a full range of openGear compliant solutions as well as video and audio processing products for closed caption compliance, audio loudness processing, color correction, signal transport and more. Cobalt equipment can be found worldwide in production trucks, terrestrial and satellite facilities, and broadcast and cable networks.

Cobalt Digital is a long-term customer of PHABRIX, using the company’s powerful test & measurement solutions during product development and production testing. Now the company has added to its inventory in the form of four QxL rasterizers. Inheriting all of the JT-NM Tested features of its much-admired forerunner, the Qx, the QxL addresses the needs of professional broadcast media IP networks in a compact form factor. The QxL supports both generation and analysis of JT-NM TR-1001-1:2020, ST 2110-20 (video), up to four 2110-30 (PCM) or 2110-31 (AES transport) audio and a 2110-40 ANC media flow, all with 2022-7 Seamless IP Protection Switching (SIPS) together with AMWA NMOS IS-04 discovery and IS-05 device connection management.

Ryan Wallenberg, Vice-President of Engineering at Cobalt Digital, comments: “The new rasterizers have been purchased in direct response to the expansion of our operations, which includes additional offices and increased production requirements. PHABRIX equipment has been a part of our product development and testing processes for many years, and we have always found their products to be versatile, reliable and consistent. The remote access capabilities along with APIs, deep analysis features and built-in generators have been especially invaluable to our engineers through the development of successive products. So, it was a logical choice for us to turn to them again for this expansion, with the QxL emerging as the ideal choice thanks to its significant flexibility and intuitive toolset.” Phillip Adams, CEO, PHABRIX, adds: “We have long enjoyed a great relationship with Cobalt Digital, and it’s been brilliant to see them get so much value out of their PHABRIX inventory. It’s pleasing for us that they have now decided to invest in four units of the QxL, a product which has really made a mark on the industry thanks to its full operational flexibility and support for an easy migration from an SDI to an IP-centric operation. It’s great to know that the QxL will now play its part in the production and testing of both existing and future solutions from Cobalt Digital.”