Sync Generators

Signal generator for video and audio synchronization, time code, PTP time, and various video reference signals. Generates synchronization signal and time code with highly accurate internal oscillator


4K | 12G-SDI | 3G-SDI | HD-SDI | SD-SDI | PTP

The LT4670 is a 1U full rack size synchronous signal generator that outputs PTP, GNSS, (4K/HD) IP, 4K 12G, (3G/HD/SD) SDI, analog synchronous signals, AES/EBU, audio word clock and LTC synchronized to analog video sync signals.

The PTP operates as a grand master and has two independent PTP reader and follower functions. The PTP operates as a grand master and has two independent PTP reader functions and a PTP follower function.



The LT 4600A multi-format video generator is a compact, 1U half-rack size SDI video signal generator that supports the triple-rate SDI (3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI) format. In addition to test pattern output including color bars and SDI check fields, the LT 4600A is equipped with numerous features such as ID characters, QVGA logo marks, safety area markers, audio embedding, genlock function for external reference input signals, and three analog black signal outputs.



The LT 4448 is a changeover unit that automatically switches the signal from the primary signal to the backup signal when problems are detected in the primary signal.Two systems of input signals (primary and backup) are connected to the LT 4448, and the LT 4448 detects errors in the amplitude of the primary input signal.

A single LT 4448 provides 11 pairs of BNC and LTC channels. These channels can receive SDI, NTSC/PAL black burst, HD tri-level sync, AES/EBU digital audio, word-clock, and LTC signals.

It can be used in combination with the LT4610 / LT4611 / LT4600A.

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