4K | IP | PTP

Supports ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 at dual 40Gbps bitrate


The LVB440 High Bit Rate IP Packet Monitor provides revolutionary monitoring and analysis capabilities for IP media traffic found in outside production, broadcast studios and master control centre’s allowing for quick troubleshooting and quality improvement.

The LVB440 supports ST 2110, and ST 2022-6 flows at dual 40 Gbps bitrate, and dual 60 Gbps with additional options. Streams from SD to 4K (UHD) can be monitored, with 8K monitoring configurations available. The LVB440 offers familiar visualization tools such as vector scope, picture monitor, audio pairs, and waveform monitor allowing broadcast and production crews to easily manage real-time analysis and troubleshooting of IP-based network audio and video streams. Packet analysis of uncompressed video and audio is available with microsecond accuracy.

As standard, the LVB440 support (2) two concurrent user clients, which can be upgraded to a total of (8) eight with the addition of the LVB440-SER20 software licence and can view the analysis data in a standard web browser at the same time for simplified remote operation.


Dual 40 Gbps support; dual 60 Gbps analysis
bandwidth with LVB440-SER21 additional
software licence options.

ST2110 and ST2022-6/7 IP standard compatible.

IP Jitter allows you to visualize changes in arrival
time between two adjacent IP packets.

Eight users can access the LVB440 simultaneously, remotely (via web browser / HTML5).

Supports dual SFP 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G

Check packet loss and jitter on both primary and
secondary network lines.

Various error settings such as phase shift voice error FEC packet loss, RTP packet loss, synchronization error, etc. are possible.

Comprehensive error logging for up to 4 days, including packet loss.

Check PTP lock status, grandmaster information, Clock Identity, time delay, ANC.

ST2110-22 (JPEG-XS) measurement supported as standard, decoding available as software optional extra.

Multiple packets can be monitored at the same time.

Video can be confirmed with a minimum delay of 2 frames.

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Option Description
LVB440 High-Performance appliance with (2) two Instrument View
Analytics of ST 2110 and ST 2022-6, capable of dual stream
analysis of complete ST 2022-7 redundancy analysis.
– Dual 100G-QSFP interfaces for 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and
100G connectivity
– 40Gbps data rate
– (2) Two simultaneous Instrument View (IV) users
LVB440-SER20 Additional Instrument View Licence (Max 6)
LVB440-SER21 Additional 40Gbps analysis capability spread across the dual
interface for a total of 2x60Gbps data rate when utilising ST 2022-7
redundancy. (Maximum bandwidth on one interface is 80Gbps).
LVB440-SER22 The JPEG-XS option enables monitoring and analysis of the ST
2110-22 standardised low-latency compression JPEG-XS streams
(up to 8 in total)
LVB440-SER23 The Signal Generator allows for placeholder reference signals to
be generated and test network performance when setting up a
studio, OB Van or production environment. Ability to generate up
to (5) five signals.