Product Overview

Leader has a full range of Portable and Rackmount systems ideal for Rapid Fault Diagnosis, Compliance Monitoring and Product Development

World-leading Test and Measurement products

The product portfolio includes the top-of-the range LV5600W/LV7600W Zen-W Series for hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD, and HDR/WCG signal generation, analysis, and video/audio monitoring. Also mid-range, Portable and Rasterizer form factors are available for SDI systems.

LEADER has a MTF measurement software for autonomous driving and medical endoscope industry.

Waveform Monitors

Measuring instruments equipped with a liquid crystal monitor for checking the quality of video signals and audio signals Lineup according to purpose from portable to high-end type


Measuring instruments for checking the quality of video signals and audio signals The thin rack mount type displays the measurement results on an external monitor

Handheld & Portable

Portable test & measurement Instruments offering advanced capabilities including hybrid IP/SDI performance and physical layer testing, along with proven rugged design and exceptional ease of use.

Sync Generators

Signal generator for video and audio synchronization, time code, PTP time, and various video reference signals. Generates synchronization signal and time code with highly accurate internal oscillator

Imaging & Industrial

SFR-Fit is software for measuring the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function), which indicates the spatial frequency characteristics of a camera. MTF expresses how faithfully the contrast of the subject being imaged can be reproduced, and is the most important measurement item in evaluating camera performance. 

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