Leader Electronics (President:Kozo Nagao) is launching the 1U full rack size SYNC GENERATOR LT4670.

The LT4670 can operate in synchronisation with input signals thanks to a genlock function to external synchronisation signals and is equipped with a stay-in sync function that maintains the phase in the event of an error in the analogue video synchronisation signal.

In addition, redundant operation with redundancy can be achieved by adding a hot- swapping power supply option. This enables highly reliable system operation without interrupting the power supply of the LT4670 main unit.

Six independent analogue synchronisation signal outputs, digital audio outputs, word clock outputs and LTC inputs and outputs are provided as standard, with options such as GNSS synchronisation, PTP synchronisation and outputs of arbitrary patterns using 3G-SDI (4K QUAD), HD-SDI and SD-SDI, enabling the optimal synchronisation system management for various systems. The PTP port is designed for optimal management of the synchronisation system according to the system.

The PTP port is equipped with two PTP engines, each of which can be used to build PTP systems in independent networks.

The LT4670 supports HTTP/HTTPS and REST-API, enabling enhanced remote monitoring and control, such as control via a web-based interface and status monitoring via SNMP.