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PHABRIX offers exceptional ‘in house’ test and measurement solutions for product development and technology manufacturing. Compliant source generation, physical layer analysis and stress testing I/O interfaces are common key requirements for demanding in-house product development workflows. It’s important that supporting technology offers intuitive multi-instrument analysis to optimise efficiency and productivity.

Compliance Testing

With so many industry changes taking in place in parallel, the shift from SDI to IP, SDR to HDR and SD/HD to UHD, and many still in a development stage, it’s a challenging time for manufacturers. Our role is to ensure that your test and measurement equipment helps you adapt to and navigate this new terrain whilst maintaining compliance to evolving standards.

MCR Studio

Broadcasters require an array test and measurement toolsets across their facilities to alert them to problems, debug any faults and manage quality. Its important issues are found and resolved as early as possible to meet the high standard of content viewers are now expecting to see.

Sports & Live Events

Sports and Live Events represent some of the most demanding test and measurement environments. There’s a need for high performance analysis that’s fully robust, whilst also being lightweight and compact. It’s also essential that test and measurement equipment is fast and easy to use in high pressure, live production environments.

Post Production

Post production QC engineers must guarantee the content achieves the creative look that’s been planned, as well as ensuring content adheres to the correct format and regulations intended. It’s important they have the analysis and monitoring tools at hand to review the creative process including advanced picture diagnostic tools and the ability to analyze a variety of differing image formats, whether in SDR, HDR/WCG or SD/HD/UHD.

House of Worship

PHABRIX aims to provide test and measurement solutions that ensure you deliver the best quality message to your congregation. PHABRIX works with its customers to ensure you keep ahead of the latest technology trends, providing continuous support in your mission to communicate and educate.


PHABRIX test and measurement instruments are at home in any given education environment; whether it’s a small broadcast training studio, to a large university campus’ news studio or live event production. PHABRIX instruments offer students real-world, hands on experience with professional video tools, key in the always-transitioning broadcast video industry.


PHABRIX instruments are used commonly throughout non-traditional broadcast video environments. Whether in the government, medical, space or military environments, our solutions are key to ensuring your video and audio workflows are the best they can be. These industries represent some of the most demanding test and measurement environments. There’s a need for trustworthy, high performance analysis instruments that are fully robust, offering immediate access to tools at critical times.