Einsiedeln, Switzerland, April 19th, 2021 – AVC-Systems AG, one of Switzerland’s leading providers of broadcast infrastructure and services, has invested in a Leader LV5600 SDI/IP multi-screen waveform monitor as the reference core of a new IP demonstration unit. Based at the company’s headquarters in Einsiedeln canton Schwyz, in the central part of Switzerland, the demonstrator will be used to explain the operational and technical advantages of IP connectivity to Swiss TV and radio channel managers, content producers, broadcast systems integrators and telco service providers.

“The LV5600 is ideal as a demonstration reference as it incorporates all the tools needed to make reliable and repeatable signal measurements from initial production right through to playout,” says AVC-Systems CEO Raphael Kaelin. “Designed for use in studio control galleries, OB vehicles, post-production suites and playout centres, it allows multiple sources to be compared side-by-side on the internal screen or viewed on a larger display via the rasterizing output.

“As a true hybrid instrument, the LV5600 also allows SDI and IP signal flows to be examined closely when studying details such as relative timing. Operation is very straightforward thanks to the logical menu structure which is ideally suited to a demo environment as well as routine operational workflow. Especially useful is the ability to configure the display exactly as required for specific demo tasks and to export measurement data for later reference.

“Having all salient features in a highly compact unit is another big advantage as the entire demo system is portable enough to transport easily if required for a customer-site presentation. The primary message we aim to get across with these demos is that IP workflow is very robust provided users understand issues such as latency which of course is a factor in SDI as well.

“We also like to emphasize that 4K shooting in high dynamic range and wide color gamut delivers results that are far ahead of high-def standard dynamic range, whether using SDI or IP connectivity or a combination of the two. Maintaining that enhanced quality right through to the viewing audience requires a good understanding of the actual process. Leader equipment, particularly the LV5600, provides that understanding accurately, efficiently and repeatably.”

“The model chosen by Raphael and his colleagues is equipped with the LV5600-SER06/LV7600-SER06 option,” adds Leader’s European Business Development Manager, Kevin Salvidge. “This is a 25 GbE single-mode video-over-IP/multi-mode fibre IP interface. The combination provides full conformance with the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards for transmitting full uncompressed 4K via Ethernet at up to 25 gigabits per second.”

About AVC-Systems AG

AVC-Systems AG (www.avc-systems.com) offers a wide range of broadcast-related products, systems design and integration and project management services from its headquarters in Einsiedeln. In addition to its sales and SI activity, the company operates a rental service encompassing individual products such as portable video recorders and signal converters up to complete graphic effects workstations.