Newbury, UK – 30 October 2020: CTV, a leading provider of OB trucks and facilities, selected PHABRIX’s Qx advanced rasterizer to provide future-proofed test and measurement for IP-based workflows, including the company’s brand new OB12 32 camera truck which is currently being used on The European Golf Tour. CTV also invested in a Sx TAG handheld hybrid IP/SDI unit with ST2110 and ST2022 10GbE options for use with flypack systems.

During the development of CTV’s IP workflow, the company needed test and measurement solutions that would cater for IP, SDI, UHD, HDR and audio as it moved forward with building new IP-ready trucks, flypack and remote systems.

“The test and measurement solution we were looking for had to be suitable for all stages of IP development, with POC testing, the feature set required to integrate a real system, and it had to be easy to use for daily operations of the tour. We were also looking for a manufacturer with a strong development roadmap and good customer support,” said Richard Morton, Head of Projects, CTV. “PHABRIX was one of the first manufacturers to produce a useful and working instrument – Qx – with all the required functions, such as PTP vs video reference alignment. The Sx TAG portable unit is also very convenient and feature-rich in both IP and SDI. The products offer good value for money considering the strong feature sets, and confidence in the PHABRIX engineering is a great asset to our workflow.”

Last month CTV launched OB12, a new fully IP, ST 2110 32 camera truck comprising two large expanding production trucks and a third separate data centre truck. The Qx system is installed in the OB12 data centre for critical ST 2110, PTP and network measurements, and can be accessed from any area of the three IP connected trucks using a KVM system. NMOS enables the broadcast controller, Cerebrum, to quickly route any video, audio or ancillary flow to the device for immediate analysis.

Morton noted, “The Qx is a pure IP device with a brilliant ST 2110, PTP and system reference toolset. The customised display layout is incredibly convenient for arranging and recalling the measurement windows required for different applications. We have used this to great advantage in testing the interoperability of IP equipment, system timing and flows to quickly pinpoint and gather evidence of specific issues.”

The CTV team found the initial setup of the Qx and subsequent updates very easy. “We have not experienced any stumbling blocks and more importantly, customer support and guidance has always been first class,” said Morton. “With the confidence of the PHABRIX toolset close to hand, we have seamlessly delivered an incredibly impressive IP truck based around a large spine-leaf network supporting equipment from many manufacturers in the market place.”

Phillip Adams, CEO, PHABRIX, said, “CTV’s OB12 truck is a fantastic piece of engineering that PHABRIX is proud to be an integral part of. Sports and live broadcasting are among the most demanding environments for test and measurement, but the Qx’s ST 2110 advanced IP toolset provides all the functionality required for high quality, high pressure broadcasting, with configurable features and an intuitive user interface.”