Thatcham, UK – 16 January 2023: PHABRIX, a broadcast test & measurement innovator, has revealed that Hertz Broadcast Solutions is using its SxE handheld instrument for a wide range of mission-critical broadcast signal test & analysis functions. Based in Ashford, Surrey, UK, Hertz Broadcast Solutions provides live stream and technical support services for TV and production studios, as well as undertaking regular software quality assurance (SQA) tests for leading broadcast manufacturers.

Founded and owned by Ozzy Etiz, Hertz specializes in live streaming and on-location recording for events including concerts, e-sports tournaments, festivals, weddings and church services. As an independent operator, Etiz needs to be entirely confident in every new equipment investment, but from his first experience with an SxE handheld instrument he was sure that he wanted to add one of the units to his inventory.

“I used to check signals with a standard monitor and then simply make a decision about whether or not it was ‘good to go’,” recalls Etiz. “The problem with that approach is that I did not have access to analysis tools that would have given me much more reassurance – for example, when commissioning a new set-up in 2019, I had the opportunity to use an SxE handheld toolset at the Arsenal-Chelsea UEFA Europa League Final and was impressed by its accessibility and trouble-shooting capabilities. It was immediately evident that one of these units would be a major asset to my day-to-day work.”

The PHABRIX SxE is a handheld, comprehensive multi-standard video (3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI supported as standard) test signal generator, analyzer and monitor. With AES audio testing, monitoring and physical layer analysis on a 4.3 inch 16:9 colour TFT screen, the PHABRIX SxE also includes RTE (Real-Time Eye) technology that speeds physical layer testing, and delivers automated measurements and logging for key parameters such as rise time, fall time, delta, overshoot, undershoot and cable length. Meanwhile, the powerful Jitter analysis instrument enables an engineer to quickly analyze the nature of jitter present via a graph of jitter versus time.

The last-named tool has proven to be very convenient, reveals Etiz: “I often use the eye-jitter capability to measure the health of the cabling in a new installation, and if there is any poor termination, I am able to locate and rectify it quickly. In addition, I employ the pathological test pattern on various resolutions and frame rates as part of ‘stress’ testing, while the AV delay generation & analysis tools are also extremely useful!”

As well as on-site broadcast and media services projects, Etiz employs the SxE for his software analysis work. “This involves me testing and analyzing software for broadcast manufacturers at every resolution and frame-rate available,” he explains. “Once again, the SxE has been invaluable in this area of my business.”

Several years on from purchasing an SxE, Etiz remains delighted by its reliability, extensive specification and long battery life. “It is compact and always in my backpack,” he confirms. “Being a contractor in the broadcast industry is challenging, and if you don’t have the right tools you eventually run the risk of failing. The SxE is definitely one of those ‘right tools’ and continues to provide everything I require with regard to test & analysis.”

Phillip Adams, CEO of PHABRIX, comments: “The impressive range of projects and applications for which Ozzy has used his SxE confirms that we achieved all we set out to when we originally designed the instrument. Our objective was to deliver a highly portable and versatile test signal generator, analyzer and monitor that could be deployed seamlessly with all modern workflows and production environments. We are delighted that Ozzy and so many of our other customers continue to find that the SxE meets all their needs in these areas.”