Leader Electronics Corporation (President: Kozo Nagao) announces enhanced functions for the LVB440 IP Analyzer.

Housed in a compact 1U, the LVB440 is designed to monitor and analyze high-bitrate media traffic. It is equipped with two 100 Gbps interface ports and can support uncompressed or JPEG-XS compressed Video over IP. The instrument is ideal for multiple monitoring of high bit rate IP media traffic in broadcast master control rooms, signal traffic control centers, production and news studios. It includes powerful tools for troubleshooting and quality improvement.

The new enhancements improve the IP network monitoring functions and also provide enhanced waveform monitoring capability, including video signal evaluation and ancillary data analysis. This allows the quality of content transmitted over IP networks to be fully managed via a single LVB440.

Introduced in Q1 2021, the LVB440 has contributed to content production at large-scale international sports events such as those held in Tokyo and Beijing, where the LVB440 was installed locally and used for remote production from the United States. The increased functionality will provide broadcasters and network operators operating in IP environments with an even more effective solution for content production.

Recently added features:

  • IP monitoring function
    • NMOS SDP file acquisition – RTP Frequency Offset – PTP setting function (ST2059).
  • Video signal evaluation function.
    • HDR function – CIE chromaticity diagram display – Enhanced audio functions (7.1 surround sound support).
  • Data analysis function.
    • Subtitle display compatible with OP-47, CEA-608, and CEA-708.
    • SCTE-104 decoding.
    • Sony SR Live Metadata display.
  • Supported formats.
    • JPEG-XS decoding option (2K/4K compatible, NMOS control compatible).