Leader Electronics Corporation (President: Kozo Nagao) is pleased to announce a free update of the ZEN series waveform monitors and rasterizers with new features.

The new functions are as follows

• 3D-LUT function
By loading a 3D-LUT cube file, the 3D-LUT can be converted in real time to support various measurements and conversion outputs. It also supports HDR and BT2020 conversion. (LV5600/5300/5350/7600/7300SER23 option is required.)

• Supports full range of SDR
Supports waveform display, vectorscope, CIE chart, histogram, CineLite, CineZone, and full range of DPX and TIFF file capture.

• False Color Display Support
False color display can be added to pictures, making it easy to determine highlights, human skin tones, 18% gray, blacks, etc.

• Timecode continuity monitoring function

• Supports SDI and IP (ST2110-40, ST2022-6) time code continuity monitoring and time code and date display.

• Closed Captioning (CC) language extension (CC608, CC708, OP47)

• Source ID display

• Diversified IP audio channel mapping (only with LV5600SER06/LV7600SER06)

• Audio channel mapping function allows multiple channels to be freely assigned in 2-channel pairs.

*New functions will be supported in ZEN series software Ver. 7.5.

Click here to learn more about this free of charge upgrade.